Coaches’ Corner

NEW COACHES, Asst. Coaches and Team Managers must register on the Portal System.

Important Information for All Team Officials: All Coaching staff on all West Zone Teams must complete a Police Check Form before they are allowed on the Bench.   This Police Check must be completed prior to the start of the season. YOU MUST SUPPLY 2 pieces of Identification at the time:  Driver License, Birth Certificate, Passport, Immigration ID Card, Citizenship Card, Indian Card, National Defense Card, Permanent Resident Card, Fire Arms Card, Alberta Health Card are the only pieces of ID accepted.  Once completed and approved by West Zone the clearance is good for 3 years.
*Social Services Card, Student ID Card, Edmonton City ID Card and Credit Cards are NOT acceptable.*
  1. Police Information Check Application
  2. Third Party Notification Form

Coaching Multiple Teams

If you are a head coach that decides to coach multiple teams that play on the same day, the EMSA Portal will do it’s best to accommodate both teams and work it out so that the games do not overlap.  However, this is NOT guaranteed to work out perfectly!  Due to the many parameters that are in place, the sheer amount of games and multiple conflicts we have there could be a few games that will conflict with one another.  The coach will need to be prepared with a backup plan, such as having their assistant coaches or manager take care of one of the teams for those few games.  If there are no registered assistant coaches or managers on the team that are able to help out the EMSA office can do up a special permission letter for the conflicting games so that a parent or another coach from a different team can go on the bench and help out that day.

Instructions to score games online –  Scoring Instructions 2016 (click)

Gym Bookings for Indoor Practice time

All requests, cancellations and questions on booking practice time can be directed to

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