EMSAwest has a Mandatory Coach meeting with all-volunteer Coaches (Assist. Coaches and Team Managers are welcome).

Items at the meeting:

-Overview of program
-What is expected of our volunteers
-What to expect of players, parents, and EMSA
-Referee Liaison program
-Referee information
-Age-specific Drills/Skill – handout provided
-Gamebooks and rule – handed out
-PIC’s reviewed

We also have our coaches participate, come prepared to take part in age-specific Skills & Drills for your players.

Location: 15430-93 Ave. EMSAwest office

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Will be outdoors come dressed for the weather

  • U4 and U5  Session 1    10 am – 11:30 am
  • U7 Session 2   12 pm – 1:30 pm
  • U9 and U11 Session 3   1:45  pm to 3:15 pm

Choosing a Field for Practice or Make-up Games

You need to book practice fields please contact Chris at stats101@shaw.ca for a practice field or for a make-up game.

Please note: Teams can be fined if they are found using Sports Fields that are closed. Keep this in mind for pre-season practices. You can follow this link to find field closure information: click here.

Thunder Roars Go Indoors!

New weather policy 2018: Click Here to View

Referee Assignors

After a new field is secured from Chris at stats101@shaw.ca, then and only then contact the appropriate referee assignor.

Mike Carson
Email: gradsoccer@gmail.com

Debbie Plant
U9 & U11
Email: ddplant@shaw.ca

If you cancel your game, also cancel your referee with the assignor.

Post Season Commitment

Teams are required to make a commitment that if they qualify for possible post-season play spot they will fulfill their obligation by attending the competition they have qualified for (City Championships/Inter-Cities/Provincials). Teams who commit (via this letter) and qualify for a competition spot who then withdraw from it, forcing Emsa WEST to send teams that did not qualify, will be assessed an administration fee pertaining to that particular competition (fees can range from $500.00 upwards of $2,000.00 – pending on withdraw date). In addition, that particular team will not be permitted to advance to any post season play for the next two seasons (one indoor season and one outdoor season and the coach suspended for the same period of time).