“Trialists” are players that are ‘loaned’ by one team to play on a team of higher age or Tier. West Zone strongly encourages the use of trialists because it benefits the player, his or her team, the receiving team, and our program.

West Zone coaches do not ‘own’ their players and are responsible to advance each player’s ability. Occasionally, when teams are short-handed or want to try-out promising players from other teams, they may ask for players from other teams (younger age group or lower tier). This is done on a game-by-game basis, to a maximum of 5 league games per season.

TRIALISTS MUST BE FROM THE SAME ZONE (example West Zone to West Zone or North Zone to North Zone. You cannot have a North Zone player as a trialist on a West Zone team). 

West Zone Teams:

  • Aldergrove
  • Belmead
  • Britannia
  • Callingwood
  • Crestwood
  • Dovercourt
  • Glastonbury
  • Glenora
  • Grovenor
  • Inglewood
  • LaPerle
  • Laurier Heights
  • Lessard
  • Lewis Estates
  • McQueen
  • Meadowlark
  • North Glenora
  • Parkview
  • Rio Terrace
  • Sherbrooke
  • Westmount
  • Westridge
  • Willowby