Indoor Soccer

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Indoor Soccer: Registration will open tentatively on August 15, 2020.

This date may change once we are informed of what Indoor soccer will look like from AHS & Alberta Soccer.

Registration for indoor soccer begins mid-July, and ends August 31st. Registration must be PAID to be considered complete. Players registered after September 1st will be put on a WAIT LIST while teams are being formed.

The Indoor season runs from mid-October thru early February. 

2018 – 19 Season: STARTS OCTOBER 13th! – Schedules released on October 10th. 

Coaches will contact players early October, inquires regarding player placement will not be answered by the West Zone office during team formation. (September 7th – 14th)

Programs for U4 – U19. (2015-2000)

 Birth Year  Age Group  Tentative Days of Play  Tentative Location 
 2015  U4 Mixed  TBD (Saturday/Sunday)  FX Sports Centre
 2014  U5 Mixed  TBD (Saturday/Sunday)  FX Sports Centre
 2013/ 2012  U7 Mixed  Saturday  West Soccer Centre
 2011/ 2010  U9 Boys/ Girls  Saturday  Edmonton & Outlying Centres
 2009/ 2008  U11 Boys/ Girls  Saturday  Edmonton & Outlying Centres
 2007/ 2006  U13 Boys/ Girls  Saturday and/or Sunday  Edmonton & Outlying Centres
 2005/ 2004  U15 Boys/ Girls  Sunday  Edmonton & Outlying Centres
 2003/ 2002  U17 Boys/ Girls  Sunday  Edmonton & Outlying Centres
 2001/ 2000  U19 Boys/ Girls  Sunday  Edmonton & Outlying Centres


  • Due to limited centre time teams U9 – U19 may be assigned some weeknight games.
  • Games may start as early as 6:45 am.
  • Practices for U9+ will be determined by the coach, dates and times will not be released until mid-October.