What equipment required for Indoor Soccer?

**Jersey Bond vs. Jersey Fee: See below

  • Shoes 
    • Runners: Clean, non-marking flat sole
    • [or] Indoor Soccer Shoes
    • NO CLEATS!
  • Shin pads MANDATORY
    • Children without shun pads will not be allowed to participate in games or practices.
    • Shin pads are to be worn under socks.
  • Socks
    • Knee high socks, used to cover the shin pad.
  • Jersey
    • U4-U7: Provided by West Zone. (U4&U5 Zone Sponsored Shirts, U7 TimBits Sponsored Jerseys).
    • U9+: Jerseys are provided by the community.
  • Shorts
    • Some communities may provide. Otherwise they are the responsibility of the parent.
  • Waterbottle
    • Please clearly label.

Additional Equipment Restrictions

  • Eye Glasses
    • ONLY allowed if they are prescription.
    • ONLY if they are made of plastic and are non-shattering lenses.
    • Sunglasses are NOT permitted unless they are prescription lenses.
  • Jewelry 
    • Earrings, necklaces, rings, etc are NOT allowed when playing soccer.
    • From CSA: “A player cannot wear something the can hurt themselves or anyone else on the field. ie. jewelry”
    • Medical- Alert jewelry or clothing required by a players religion may be worn only if the referee deems it safe. Med Alert jewelry can normally be made safe by securing it with tape.
  • Casts/Splints and Athletic Braces 
    • Hard Casts (plaster): NOT permitted – even if padded.
    • Soft Casts: if adequately padded will be allowed. Subject to referees discretion. 
    • Braces are permitted: must be padded, no hard edges. Subject to referees discretion. 
  • Head Covering “Hijab”
    • The wearing of a hijab will be permitted upon a satisfactory pre-game inspection by the referee, as mandated by FIFA rule four, which starts all items of clothing or equipment other than the basic equipment must be inspected by the referee and determined to be safe.

Jersey Bond vs. Jersey Fee


In these age groups, children are issued  jersey or uniform from their the Community they are playing for.

  • Some Communities charge a fee prior to start of the season ($20-$35 approx.) as the players keep their uniforms once the season is completed.
  • Some Communities  prior to receiving your son’s or daughter’s jerseys require a deposit cheque (amounts depends on the community) must be given to your Coach, payable to that community. Upon returning the assigned player’s jerseys to your child’s Coach during or at the end of the season the equipment will then be returned to the community and upon review of the jerseys if they are clean and in good condition the players deposit cheque for the jerseys will be shredded. For any jerseys not returned by the last equipment return date or destroyed (unacceptable staining, torn, and or molded) a player’s deposit cheque will be cashed.
  • Please note: for communities that have jersey deposits it is harder for them to replace a jersey. Please care for and return your jersey.
  • Some Communities do not provide Goal Keeper gloves as part of their equipment. Keeper gloves like shin pads, socks, soccer shoes and shorts are customized for each players needs and should be purchased by the parents for their children.

Please remember to wash your child’s jersey and other equipment regularly. Jersey’s left in soccer bags do smell. For hygiene reasons please remember to wash and air dry shin pads.