Training Sessions

Training Sessions

EMSA West community soccer program relies on volunteer coaches and team officials. We support our volunteer coaches and assistant coaches by offering coaching courses, refreshers courses and office support. Without volunteer coaches, our program can’t succeed. If you are interested in coaching or would like more information please send an email to

West Zone offers our Mini Team Official’s (U4- U11) Free Training sessions.


A minimum of one (1) coach per team participating in the EMSA programs regardless of age group, tier, or gender must obtain any coach qualification as follows:

i) Certification by ASA (NCCP Courses)

ii) Certification by EMSA

  •  New coaches will have a one (1) year grace period to take a course to be certified for U5, U7 & U9.  After that grace period, they must take an EMSA or ASA coaching course to continue coaching.

NCCP Coach Certification courses:  We encourage any Coach who plans on staying in our program for a number of years to start the formal certification process.  This certification is the only recognized coaching program for the sport of soccer in Alberta and Canada.  NCCP courses are excellent for any Coach and offer much practical and useful information.   It is an Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) rule that one member of a team proceeding to a Provincial competition must have NCCP certification.  To see which course you should take, visit Alberta Soccer Association.

NCCP Coaching Courses For workshop calendar CLICK HERE

Rule of Two – Rule 13.6 is now enforced in all soccer activities. This encourages safe sport. Click here for the guide.


How to register for a NCCP course on The Locker – Click here for a demo.



**New** Coach Education makes Licensing Evaluations more accessible

Alberta Soccer’s Coach Education department is excited to announce that it has moved to a video submission process for the C & B License evaluations. This has been done to create a more flexible process for candidates, who can adapt the evaluations to their schedule and work with teams/players they already know in a familiar setting. Candidates will be linked directly to an evaluator and will go through both a pre-brief and de-brief (once the video is reviewed).

For more information on the new process, please check out our website at:

Questions that are not answered on the web-pages linked to above can be directed to Claire Paterson at


Referee Training: Click Here



EMSAwest has a Mandatory Coach meeting with all-volunteer Coaches (Assist. Coaches and Team Managers are welcome).

Items at the meeting:

-Overview of the program
-What is expected of our volunteers
-What to expect of players, parents and EMSA
-Referee Liaison program
-Referee information
-Age-specific Drills/Skill – handout provided
-new electronic game sheets/scoring and rule – handed out
-PIC’s reviewed

Come prepared to take part in age-specific Skills & Drills for your players.

Location:15430-93 Ave. To be held outdoors, dress for the weather and to participate in soccer drills.

Date: TBA

  • U4 and U5 Session 1    10 am – 11:30 am
  • U7  Session 2   12 pm – 1:30 pm
  • U9 and U11  Session 3   1:45  pm to 3:15 pm

FIFA 11+