Welcome to Edmonton West Zone Soccer Association, EMSA West!

Edmonton West Zone Soccer Association (EMSA West) is part of the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSAmain) and as such is dedicated to the development youth soccer. We are proud to be able to provide soccer programs for all ages and skill levels including our Premier teams, the Warriors Boys & Girls.

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Office Closed: Thursday March 1st & Friday March 2nd

Congratulations to the West Zone teams going to EMSA City Finals

Boys Teams Girls Teams
U10 B U10 G
Tier 6Y Lessard (Smith) Tier 5 Rio Terrace (Cockrall)
U12B Tier 6 Glenora (Cymerys)
Tier 4X Glenora (Zalasky) U12G
Tier 4Y Lessard (Palmer) Tier 4Y Belmead (Phillips)
Lewis Estates (Matthias) Tier 6X Willowby (Stephens)
Tier 8 Crestwood (Steele) Crestwood (McKeown)
U14B U16G
Tier 4X Rio Terrace (Schmaus) Tier 4 Glanora (Haung)
Tier 4Y callingwood (Pierce) La Perle (Opatril)
Tier 6X Rio Terace (Bates) Glastonbury (Odegard)
Tier 5 Lewis Estates (Palmer)
U16B Tier 7 Willowby (Beavan)
Tier 4Y Lewis Estates (Appleby) U18G
U18B Tier 4 Westridge (Gironella)
Tier 4 Lessard (McAlister) Glenora (Wegner)
Crestwood (Chrones) Tier 5 Callingwood (Stephens)
Laurier Heights (Misiaszek)
Tier 6 Glenora (Holmes)

 Tournament website: ewzsaslushcup.com

Concussion Pocket Tool for Coaches

Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) has a Pocket Concussion Tool Handout, CLICK HERE