Policies & Governance

Policies & Governance


EMSA West Refund Policy Please ensure that you are familiar with the EMSA West refund policy prior to registration.

EMSAwest – Policy Police Information Check

EMSAwest Policy-Anti-Bullying

EMSAwest Guidelines for adults interacting with Children

EMSAwest Policy – Coach Recruitment Dev. and Retention

EMSAwest Policy – Social Media

EMSAwest Policy – Sexual Harassment and Abuse

EMSAwest Policy – Equity and Inclusion

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

EMSAwest Policy-Rule_of_Two



EMSA Codes-of-Conduct


EMSA Air Quality Policy

EMSA Spectators Discipline

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ASA Code of Conduct February-25-2018

To View Alberta Soccer Association Rules & Regulations, click here


ASA-Inter-Provincial-Transfer-1 form

ASA Misconduct EMSA Modified 2013

The ASA Claim form is posted here https://albertasoccer.com/insurance/

Claims are to be signed off by the District and then submitted to ASA Hala Chadi hchadi@albertasoccer.com. Hala will, in turn, submit the claim form to the claims department.  Claims not signed off by the District or submitted directly to the claims department will not be accepted.

ASA Travel Permit (Dec 2023)

Community League Membership

A valid community league membership is required in order to register for indoor and outdoor soccer. Community Memberships can be purchased through your community league, they are valid from September 1 – August 31 each year.

Player Medical Conditions

It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the coach of any medical conditions pertaining to their child. EMSA West cannot, and does not, accept responsibility to pre-existing medical conditions. Coaches have the right to request a medical letter clearing players to participate.

Complaints, Concerns and Compliments

Any complaints, concerns or compliments must be submitted in writing and mailed /dropped off at 15430-93 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5R 5H3 or  soccer@ewzsa.com. They will be forwarded to the necessary person(s).

Coaching Age Policy

Read about our coaching age policy

Indoor Facilities Policies

Soccer Centre Facility Policies