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How do I become a Referee or Mini Referee:

To become a referee this Spring/Summer, you will need to register and take a course.

Find courses here.


The 2018 Outdoor Season is just around the corner.  We are excited that you are returning to ref or starting your ref career in the West Zone.
A couple reminders while we are waiting for the season to start:
  1. Make sure you have properly registered through Alberta Soccer Association (ASA).  This includes paying your annual registration fee, completing the outdoor refresher questionnaire and attended a required refresher course.  If you have not completed these 3 items, you will not be on the ASA approved list of referees and we cannot assign matches to you to officiate.
  2. If you were not assigned matches in the 2017 outdoor season, you need to be added to Assignor – the online game assignment platform.  Please contact Mike Carson, Referee Assignor for the West Zone to be entered into the online Assignor.  His email address is
We will be holding pre-season ref meetings in which we will review the expectations that the EMSA West Zone has for officials.  These meetings will be mandatory to attend if you wish to be receive assignments.  Please sign up for one of pre-season meetings at the link listed below.  There are several meeting dates to choose from, one of which you must attend.
We look forward to working with you to ensure that this season is a fun, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Monica Adam
West Zone Referee Director

EMSA West Complex Access! Road CLOSED.

Please follow the below link for more information!

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HOW DO I BECOME A Referee or Mini Referee

To become a referee this Spring/Summer, you will need to register and take a course.

Find courses here.


All referees must sign up at to ref in the West Zone. We use this program for our assigning.

Referee Complaints

All referee and assistant referee complaints must be made in writing to the Zone office Telephone complaints will not be accepted or responded to.

Do not put complaints on game sheets. The referee director does not see the games sheets until after the tiering round is completed.

Please remember that the referee’s decisions on facts of play are final. These decisions include goals, fouls and misconducts. Game protests or discipline appeals go to the league NOT to the referee director.


Field closure information can be obtained by

  1. calling 780-496-4999, Press 1 [or]
  2. visiting the Field Closure website at,14 [or]
  3. calling 311

If fields are closed, referees will not be at the games. If the fields are open and the weather changes, the referee determines if the game can proceed. Fields without appropriate filed markings can be reported by email or through the referee hotline.

Field Conditions

We ask that all of our referees, coaches, players and parents be patient for the first round as we may not have all our fields marked right away. Do whatever you can do to ensure the games get played. Have coaches help to mark out touchlines and penalty areas and let’s get the games played. Remember this is not Processional Soccer it is for the Kids.  Please inform the zone if you identify any fields that are in bad shape, need to be painted, need to have grass cut or have hazards.

New weather policy 2018: Click Here to View

Indoor Referees

EMSAmain handles all indoor referee items.