Edmonton West Zone Soccer Association (EMSA West) is part of the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSAmain) and as such is dedicated to the development of youth soccer. We are proud to be able to provide soccer programs for all ages and skill levels including our Premier Club  Wezt Zone Warriors

Edmonton Minor Soccer Association is sanctioned with Alberta Soccer 


EMSAwest exists to promote, develop and govern our soccer program for its members. It provides, wherever possible, a soccer-playing opportunity for youth within its zone regardless of gender, skill, ability, level or race.


We are committed to creating a lifelong passion and love for the game.

We believe in:

  • Promoting a fun, safe and healthy soccer environment;
  • Commitment to education & training of coaches, referee, and clubs;
  • Affordable and inclusive player development;
  • Leadership is driven by fair play and sportsmanship.

EMSAwest runs the world’s largest Indoor Soccer tournament, Slush Cup, each year with 400+ teams playing over 4 days. Our Spring Tournament, Slurpee Cup, has approx. 230 teams participating! Both tournaments have had teams from Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, and Yukon participate.

The West Zone is made of 26 active communities:

Aldergrove, Belmead, Britannia/ Youngstown, Callingwood/ Lymburn, Crestwood, Dovercourt, Glastonbury, Glenora, Grovenor, Inglewood, Jasper Park, La Perle, Laurier Heights, Lessard, Lewis Estates, McQueen, Meadowlark, North Glenora, Parkview, Rio Terrace, Sherbrooke, West Jasper/ Sherwood, West Meadowlark, Westmount, Westridge/ Wolf Willow, Willowby

To find out who your Soccer Coordinator is, please check our Community Soccer Coordinators page.

To find your community league name, please check the Edmonton Federation of Community League web site via efcl.org   

West Zone serves the following Communities:

Aldergrove, Belmead, Britannia, Callingwood-Lymburn, Cameron Heights, Canora, Crestwood, Dovercourt, Edgemont, Elmwood, Glastonbury, Glenora,Grandville, Grovenor, Hamptons, Inglewood, Jasper Park, La Perle, Laurier Heights, Lessard, Lewis Estates, Lynwood, Mayfield, McQueen, Meadowlark, North Glenora, Oliver, Parkview, Prince Charles, Prince Rupert, Queen Mary Park, Rio Terrace, Rosenthal, Secord, Sherbrooke, Thorncliffe, West Jasper/Sherwood, West Meadowlark, Westmount, Westridge, Willowby, Woodcroft, Trumpeter, Starling, Hawks Ridge and Winterburn.

Note: Not all the above-listed communities run an active soccer program.