Outdoor U13 Program

Outdoor U13

A U13 match consist of:

  • 11 vs. 11 player structure (10 players plus keeper)
  • Two 40-minute halves
  • Full field
  • Center Referees
  • Assist. Referee

Teams play 2 x per week (Tuesday and Thursday/Sunday)  with a 6:15/7:30 pm start. Practice time (chosen by coach).

At this stage, players should participate in stimulating practices and games that develop basic technical skills in a challenging atmosphere. Skill demonstration is very important, and players learn best by doing. Physical literacy using the ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination) involving the ball is another key component of this stage. Sessions will be focused between practice time and game time. EMSA West encourages coaches to ensure all players have equal playing time and an opportunity to play all positions equally. Coaches create a positive environment with an emphasis on fun and development. All coaches are provided with opportunities for coaching development to ensure a caring, engaged and informed individual supports your child.

Please check with your community to see if they run a U13 Program and/or to register your child.