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Keeping Girls in Sport: A New Module for Coaches and Physical Activity Leaders

Estimated time to complete is 90 mins but does not need to be completed in one sitting and is only $17.85.  (Part of the fees go to support Jumpstart and CAAWS to support their good work.)

The program includes:

Module 1 –  Girls in Sport

In this module, they look at the background of girls in sport, who they are, how they engage, and the impact of their coaches.

Module 2 – Injuries and the Female Athlete

This module delves into the types of injuries female athletes may experience and how certain types of injuries can have significant long-term consequences. As a coach, knowing how to avoid these injuries will provide a more rewarding experience for all.

Module 3 – Keeping Female Athletes Engaged

Looks at what organizations, coaches and leaders should be aware of to keep girls active in sport. From a better understanding of appropriate individual training to creating the right sport environment, this module provides the information to help keep girls interested and engaged.

Module 4 – Wrap up

Reviews some of the resources that are available, hear from another great Canadian athlete and role model, and introduce a slight modification to the dashboard taking into account some different personal reflections than before.


A resource section is also included with related documents and links to even more resources on this topic.

Here is a link regarding the launch of this program if you wanted more background/information:

For Coaching Males…

Coaching Men v Women

Nutrition for Sport

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