Scoring Games


Reporting Scores for U9s and U11s

Score sheets for both teams are sent in by: (within 24 hours by the home team)
Deliver to Chris Jossy at 15926-106 A Avenue or fax to 780-489-0364 or scanned with Adobe and emailed to
It is the responsibility of the HOME team to hand in the games sheets for both teams.
If you are the away team and the home team does not agree to take your game sheet in, you are still responsible to do so. Each team is responsible for checking to see that their stats have been recorded. Remember, they may not have been handed in or maybe faxed in upside down or illegible.

Reporting Scores for Rounds: U9s & U11s

There are three rounds, allowing for tiering rounds. It is really important in order to correctly tier the teams, that all scores are submitted, especially at the end of each round so we can prepare the next set of schedules.


It is the home teams responsibility to record the game results by 1 pm the next day.

How to score on the Click Here